Thursday 27 October 2016

Safety first for Chichester’s rental properties

I was recently contacted by a landlord who had become too busy to continue managing their tenanted rental property in Chichester. They lived a reasonable drive away and whilst they were good landlords who wanted to do right by their tenants, they realised the growing responsibilities aimed at landlords was becoming too much to handle.

My first task upon taking on the management of the property was to ensure it was safe for the tenants and fully compliant with all the various legislation that had crept up on the landlords over the years. Here’s a brief summary of some of the important safety precautions to think about when letting out a property.

1. Gas safety

There was no gas safety certificate in place for the property’s boiler and gas hob, so this compulsory annual requirement and a swift phone call to my gas engineer was first on the to-do list. Non-compliance could have resulted in the landlord being fined £6,000 per appliance and/or six months imprisonment.

2. Electrical safety

The electrics hadn’t been checked at the property for some time and whilst this isn’t always a legal requirement it is certainly best practice if you want to ensure the safety of your tenants whilst minimising a landlords’ liability in the event of an electrical incident.

3. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarms

New legislation came into force in October 2015 regarding smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in rental properties. There was already a working smoke alarm on each level of the property (as now required) but there wasn’t a carbon monoxide alarm in the lounge, which has an open fireplace. As this could be used to burn a “solid fuel”, the room needed a carbon monoxide alarm installed. Fortunately for the landlords I install a carbon monoxide alarm free of charge in all of my fully managed properties.

4. Energy Performance Certificate

Finally, as the tenancy paperwork was largely out of date (having not been altered since the initial let 10 years ago and now naming tenants that had since left) it seemed sensible to arrange a new start in this regard too. To do this, however, would mean the requirement of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the property, or face a £200 fine and the inability to serve notice to the tenants.

The landlords are now pleased that the property is safe for their tenants and that they are fully compliant with all lettings legislation; avoiding any fines or incrimination should the worst have happened at the property.

If you’re struggling to stay on top of all the legislation that a landlord must comply with please get in touch, whether it be for a free checklist of what you need to have covered or if you’d like to instruct me to take all the hassle from your hands.

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(This article was featured in the Chichester Observer's property section on 27th October 2016)

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