Thursday 9 February 2017

Two bedrooms for the price of one in Chichester

I was speaking to a landlord the other day about his new buy-to-let investment. He had called me up to ask me about my letting fees as he was looking to buy a one bedroom apartment in St Agnes Place (on The Hornet, close to Chichester’s city centre).

I commended him on finding a property in such a brilliant location and as we spoke I looked up the property on Rightmove. Marketed at £225,000 and offering 633 square feet of space, the ground floor one bedroom apartment certainly looked to be a lovely property.

I mentioned how easy it should be to let (for around £800pcm) “but” I said, “I wouldn’t buy this; you can get a two bed apartment in the same development measuring 746 square feet, which would rent for around £875pcm. It should also prove to have stronger capital growth, better tenant demand and fewer voids. It’s £15,000 cheaper too!”

He was stunned by my honesty and openness. He couldn’t believe that a letting agent was suggesting he buy a different property. He surmised that any other agent would want him to buy the first property as quickly as possible so that he could instruct them to let it.

I explained to him, however, that I do things a little differently. I am constantly looking at the market and buy-to-let investments. Part of the reason for starting CRJ Lettings was to offer my honest advice and opinion to others and I like nothing better than helping landlords make a better investment.

I have done this many times for other landlords who were led towards an investment by the selling agent (who were only too happy to take on the let too), which either wasn’t suitable to the landlord or simply wasn’t particularly good!

I’d rather give solid advice that leads to great reviews and recommendations to others. I believe this will prove to be the sound foundations I can build my business on, rather than taking something on when it’s not in that person’s best interests.

A simple chat with me has helped this particular landlord achieve a higher return from a lower initial outlay. He never did get round to finding out about my (lower than average) fees; but then it wasn’t actually important to him - the value I could offer was. The fact that if he follows through with my guidance he will save £15,000 from the off whilst achieving an extra £75 per month, means my services are more than paid for. Win-win all round I’d say!

If you’d like a quick (or not so quick) chat about a potential property investment you’re looking at, please get in touch.

Chichester Observer Property headline

(This article was featured in the Chichester Observer's property section on 9th February 2017) 

Clive Janes, CRJ Lettings.  


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