Thursday 19 April 2018

How big are Chichester's homes?

A couple of weeks ago I asked whether Chichester’s homes were overcrowded. My research showed there were fewer people living in the average property in Chichester than there is nationally. Bear in mind though that the number of people living in a property is just one part of the equation - another factor is the amount of space we have in our homes.

Research from the University of Cambridge showed that the UK actually has the smallest new-build homes in Europe! With the average new-build home having just 76 square metres of floorspace (818 square feet), we are well behind the kings and queens of comfort; Denmark, with 137 square metres (1,475 square feet) of floorspace - that’s 80% more than us!

Of course, our new-build properties are renowned for becoming smaller as property prices have increased and the land we use for housing has become more precious. Using data from Zoopla though I can calculate the average size of all the existing homes, by property type, here in Chichester:

We can clearly see that we are fortunate to live in an area with properties that are far larger than the UK average (between 26% and 112% larger depending on property type). In fact, when we couple this with the analysis I did two weeks ago, we can see that we are actually very fortunate to live in an area with properties that are both larger than the UK average and house fewer people on average.

The data also shows me how much people are paying for each square foot of space, and it seems that semi-detached houses are the best value for money here. With an average of three bedrooms and costing £362,510, the average semi-detached home in Chichester costs £356 per square foot.

Regardless of property type though, it seems that each Cicestrian is benefitting from more space than most other parts of the country; although the sting in the tail is that space comes at a cost, as house prices are far higher in Chichester than in most parts of the UK.

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