Thursday, 20 September 2018

How has Chichester’s property market fared in the last decade?

Last week I wrote about what had happened to the property market as a whole since the deepening of the financial crisis ten years ago. But, as I write the Chichester Property News, it makes sense to focus on what matters to Chichester’s residents, landlords and tenants - the Chichester property market…

Like the rest of the country, property prices in Chichester peaked in late 2007 (at £291,021). Whilst the UK saw prices drop 10% in the following 12 months, in Chichester the drop was barely noticeable, with house prices down just 1%. Chichester wasn’t immune however to the severity of the drop between October 2008 and March 2009, where the UK saw property prices drop a further 10%. In Chichester those short six months saw prices collapse 21% to £228,594; a figure they hadn’t sat at since June 2004. Like the rest of the country, March 2009 would mark the bottom of the market.

But, whilst the UK would have to wait until August 2014 for house prices to surpass their previous peak, in Chichester the recovery was much quicker; rebounding to their previous highs by September 2012. The average property in Chichester is now selling for £368,328; 27% higher than the ‘peak’ in October 2007 and a huge 61% higher than the low of March 2009. So, whilst you might have preferred not to buy in Chichester between June 2004 and March 2009, anyone who did so should now have come out the other side ahead.

Like the rest of the country though, it is the number of homes being sold that still harbours the scars of the recession. In 2007 2,648 properties were sold in Chichester, but the following year volumes were down 45% (with just 1,450 sales in 2008). A decade later and the volume of sales has steadily recovered (2,094 homes were sold in Chichester in 2017) but they are still well down on the levels seen before the financial crisis. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look set to improve as the data for 2018 so far shows we’re actually on course to seeing the fewest homes change hands in Chichester since 2008!

It seems that Chichester’s property market had a delayed reaction to the early rumblings of the pending crisis. When things really did take a turn for the worse however, the drop was much sharper than throughout the UK. The recovery was also much quicker though, showing Chichester to be more resilient than most areas. As with the rest of the South, a lot of this is to do with following London’s market more closely than the country as a whole. With the market in London looking shaky at the moment, it might explain why prices in Chichester may also be starting to plateau alongside fewer homes being sold.

(This article was featured in the Chichester Observer's property section on September 20, 2018)

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