Thursday 29 August 2019

Are you thinking about buy-to-let for the first time?

Having written these weekly articles for over five years now, I hope they have imparted some of my knowledge and insights about the property market on to you. I forget though that sometimes people will be reading them for the first time, particularly if they have only just begun thinking about investing in buy-to-let. If that sounds like you, read on…

You see, whilst most letting agents focus on slick promotional brochures to grab your attention, I choose to do things a little differently. My aim is to keep you informed about the local property market and how different types of properties in different areas are performing, whilst keeping you updated about the latest changes within the lettings market.

I’m also happy to give some impartial advice, particularly if you’re thinking about buy-to-let for the first time and are unsure what to look for amongst the ‘perfect’ buy-to-let properties the estate agents are recommending (that just happen to be in their sales windows at the time). I do occasionally wince when I’m contacted by a landlord who’s just got the keys to their first rental property, knowing that if they had spoken to me before buying it I could have helped them get a more suitable and better-performing property.

I specialise in residential lettings and have bought, sold, let and rented properties myself, so can see things from many different angles. And as I’m not affiliated with any particular estate agency, I won’t be shy to tell you whether a property is really a good buy or a lemon in disguise.

And whilst I can’t offer financial advice, I certainly have a grasp of the numbers and the different options in regards to how to buy the property depending on your circumstances (buying in a company is becoming ever-more popular due to tax changes).

I’m happy to skim through all the properties for sale and suggest a few that might make the most financial sense as an investment, along with an explanation as to how the numbers work. I can even accompany you on viewings to help you understand what to look for, assess whether anything needs doing to get it up to standard and how to cost and implement those remedial works.

You see, here at CRJ Lettings in Chichester, that’s exactly what I love to do. I don’t just advertise for new properties and let them out; I go back a stage or two and look to work with potential landlords at the start of their buy-to-let journey, right through to the letting and on-going management.

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