Thursday, 20 February 2020

Is now a good time to sell your Chichester property?

Best time to sell your houseThe start of a new year often prompts people to re-evaluate their circumstances, and for many that means thinking about where they live. Still, it’s a little wet and chilly out to do much about it, so most people wait until the Spring or Summer to market their property. That way the photos will look better and more people are supposedly looking (plus viewings tend to go better as it’s lighter and drier outside).

This is evident if we look at how many properties were advertised for sale in Chichester month-by-month in 2019:

January - 426
February - 439
March - 422
April - 416
May - 444
June - 449
July - 468
August - 468
September - 473
October - 455
November - 439
December - 416
advertised property in Chichester 2019
The year started slowly and I’m surprised to see things didn’t start to ramp up until May, eventually peaking in September. Interestingly then many people see the Summer holiday as a quiet time for the property market, and yet July, August and September remained very busy as far as stock is concerned.

From looking at the figures then you may think it’s best to wait a while before marketing your property for sale. There are a few reasons though as to why NOW might be the best time to sell your property.

1) It’s the right time for you
Put simply, trying to second guess the market and when it might be a ‘good’ time to sell is needless. If you want to sell your property to suit your it! There will always be a buyer out there looking for a property if it’s priced correctly.

2) Less competition
By marketing in the ‘quieter’ periods, there are fewer alternatives for those who are looking to buy. This might lead to a more enthusiastic buyer coming along, giving you a head start before the ‘rush’. You might even save a little on fees as some agents offer promotions at this time of year as they fight for listings.

3) You’ll be ready to buy
Listing your property early could mean it will be sold by the time more properties come on the market. This will put you in a good position to buy as you’ll be ‘ready to move’; a circumstance which is normally favoured by agents and vendors.

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