Sunday, 1 March 2020

Community Focus: Chichester Falcons Baseball & Softball Club

Chichester Falcons Baseball & Softball Club are a community sports club providing baseball and softball to a wide range of ages and ability groups. Formed in 2011, the club has evolved from a group of friends into a successful competitive organisation, whilst maintaining an informal and enjoyable approach to the game.

Baseball and softball are a descendant of rounders, where players in the offensive team must hit the ball and run around a diamond of bases, whilst the defensive team tries to catch their hits or get them out on the bases.  In softball the ball is pitched underarm, whereas in baseball pitchers throw overarm.

In Chichester, youngsters aged 8-12 can play baseball at the club on Sunday mornings (starting in June). Juniors aged 12-16 play fastpitch softball on Thursday evenings (starting in May). Meanwhile the adults (16+) play slowpitch softball on Wednesday evenings (starting in April).

All sessions are played in a co-ed format, so boys and girls play together on an even field. The Chichester Falcons are passionate about getting more people from the community involved. Sessions are open to complete beginners, with all the equipment provided and qualified coaches on hand to guide you through the rules and skills needed to play the game.

This Summer you’ll be seeing a lot more of the sports on a global scale, as baseball and softball will both feature in the 2020 Olympics for the first time.


Slowpitch softball (16yrs+) - Starts in April on Wednesday evenings

Fastpitch softball (12-16) - Starts in May on Thursday evenings

Baseball (8-12) - Starts in June on Sunday mornings




You can read more about the club at

07890 192 409



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