Thursday, 26 March 2020

Do you trust your letting agent?

Having met a couple of new landlords for a cup of tea and a chat about their options in purchasing their first buy-to-let, they posed me the question “why should we use you?”

It was a fair question and one that I hoped I’d covered in the previous hour I’d spent chatting with them about the market, the type of property that might best match their circumstances and my own experience with buy-to-let.

Not because I’d been spouting out my qualifications, property redress scheme membership or the excellent value for money I believe I offer. More by way of the natural conversation we had, which I hoped would’ve demonstrated my honesty, openness and the passion I have for property and helping people.

Ultimately, it all comes down to trust. Like with any service provider, wonderful promises can be made but ultimately you need to trust that they can deliver upon them.

I use, and recommend to others, my accountant, insurance broker, mortgage broker, solicitor and tradesmen because I trust them. I know they are qualified to do the job and offer a good service. I’ve done my best to find those that offer the best value, but ultimately it all comes down to repeatedly using those I trust will act in my best interests.

Similarly, as I don’t sell properties, I often get asked which estate agent I’d recommend. There are a couple I’d happily suggest because I’ve used them myself and I trust their advice. I’d always recommend contacting a few and seeing who you build the most rapport with and can trust to do the best job for you (as well as searching for reviews and testimonials).

A trusted agent should have an open line of communication with their client, regardless of whether or not there’s ‘something in it’ for the agent. A trusted agent should have expertise on their local property market. They will know their business, their client’s business, and they should have enough general knowledge about how things work to offer advice worth taking.

Letting agents should remember that it is the people (both landlords and tenants) that are the lifeblood of their business and that they should be treated accordingly.

These are the things you should be looking for when instructing an agent. Only then can you be sure they have both the competence to do the job well, whilst trusting they’ll have your best interests in mind.

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