Monday 1 September 2014

The least expensive streets in Chichester

Following on from my look at the top 10 most expensive streets in Chichester a couple of weeks ago, below is the other end of the scale - the least expensive streets in Chichester:

1) Lennox Road - £127,322
2) Herald Drive - £130,606
3) Douglas Martin Road - £132,424
4) Whiteside Close - £136,000
5) Bishop Luffa Close - £138,311
6) Wilson Close - £142,465
7) Shamrock Close - £146,151
8) Whyke Close - £150,612
9) St Cyriacs - £151,130
10) East Walls - £155,418

I was surprised to see the East Walls feature so took a look at the prices on that street to realise it wasn't a fair reflection of prices as there were many shared ownership flats in Shippam House that were included, bringing the average sale price down.

Less surprising was that several streets just South of the hospital featured in the top 10. Not necessarily a less affluent part of Chichester, but many of the featured roads contain blocks of flats as opposed to larger houses. These flats are actually quite popular with buy to let investors as there is always a strong demand from hospital workers to rent the 1 and 2 bedroom flats.

Lennox Road, Chichester
Lennox Road, Chichester


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