Thursday 13 November 2014

Highest turnover streets in Chichester

I often talk about 'tenant turnover', the frequency in which tenants move from a particular property. But what about homeowners - what streets in Chichester see the greatest number of sales and therefore the most 'owner turnover'.

Below are the top 10 streets in Chichester with the greatest number of house sales in the past 19 years and the total number of properties in the street:

1) Stockbridge Road - 390 sales from 333 homes
2) Oving Road - 208 sales from 182 homes
3) Chatsworth Road - 194 sales from 101 homes
4) Somerstown - 194 sales from 152 homes
5) Henty Gardens - 184 sales from 111 homes
6) St Agnes Place - 182 sales from 148 homes
7) King George Gardens - 171 sales from 90 homes
8) Grove Road - 171 sales from 111 homes
9) Whyke Lane - 152 sales from 148 homes
10) Westgate - 147 sales from 129 homes

Stockbridge Road clearly has the most removal vans visiting it - mainly because it has the most houses on its street in the whole of Chichester.

St Agnes Place and King George Gardens are slight anomalies as they are largely new-builds, so all the properties had to be sold at least once straight away!

The general theme is the roads featured have the more affordable homes in Chichester, so are often the starter homes for people before they progress up the next step of the ladder.

It seems that in general, just like renters, homeowners also move more frequently from the smaller, cheaper homes within Chichester.

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